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Home Video Survelence

Straight from your Smartphone, tablet, or Computer!

Sharp Resolution

Keep an eye on your home while you're away. Check up on the babysitter and make sure your pet is safe and sound. You can keep an eye on your entire house with the click of a button.

Instant Updates

You never have to worry about constantly checking your system. With real-time updates, you will never be out of the know.

Peace of Mind

Knock at the door? Home alone? No Problem! Check who's there without ever leaving the couch. 

Proven Security

Cameras are an effective deterrent for criminal activity. With Video Verification, when your alarm goes off you will receive an alert and a live video of your system.

Residential Services

Burglary Alarm System

Keep your home safe with a state of the art burglary alarm system. Our back-lit pannels are designed with ease of use in mind and can be customized and programmed with you in mind. 

Key Fobs and Cellular Arm/disarm

A compact remote control for your home protection system, a key FOB allows Users to Control your System with a push of a button. You can now Arm/Disarm remotely, without worrying about making it to the panel in time if your hands are full. Or use your cellular device to monitor and access your alarm system anywhere. Connect video verification for an additional level of security and access.

Motion Detection Services

The main purpose of motion detection is to sense an intruder and send an alert to your control panel. This signal then alerts your monitoring center. Sensors work when you are not home, or when you tell the system you are not there. Some security systems can even be programmed to record events via a security camera when motion is detected.

Video Monitoring/Verification

Keep an eye on your home or business through video monitoring technology. A natural deterrent to thieves, a camera system will help to protect your valuables and keep your mind at ease. The system can be seamlessly connected to your mobile device, computer, or tablet so that you can check in at any time or get alerts when something goes wrong.

security cameras
security cameras
Fire/ Smoke/ and Carbon Monoxide Systems

Proper warning and intervention can make the difference between life and death. Three out of five deaths happen in homes where smoke alarms either aren’t working properly or aren’t used at all. But fires often take place when no one is home. Since there’s not always someone there who can call, your sensors should be monitored around-the-clock so that your property is protected when you’re not there.

Video Doorbell

See who is at the door even if you aren't home! With new video doorbell technology you can speak to your visitor through the speaker system and let them know, you are aware of their presence. 

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