Radiotech Security Inc. has been serving the Long Island
Community since 1989.
With the fast pace world we live in, technology is continuously
changing and improving. We provide access to the latest
technology and equipment to keep your loved ones safe.
While we are continuously adapting to new innovations, one thing has remained the same, we still provide the same level of integrity, attention to detail and commitment to customer service that was present when the company was established.  
We at Radiotech strive to present our customers with a level of service
that is unparalleled to any other company. Your family and Business
doesn’t have to be another statistic and Radiotech wants you to feel
secure in your home or business. We work with our customers to
customize a system that is designed for any situation or circumstance.
We don’t stop once the alarm system is installed. We keep you
updated and protected so you can feel secure.
Our Radiotech representatives have extensive competence in each of their respective
fields and take the utmost pride in providing high quality
work and professionalism in order to achieve total customer
satisfaction. If you have any issues you can contact the company and
someone is always there to help. We are a small business whose aim is
to supply big corporation benefits with the customer service and
dedication you deserve. We value our customers and excellence is
something that should never be settled for. 


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