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Temperature Alarms

Prevent temperature-related problems by detecting unusual and extreme temperature fluctuations. They are a simple product that will alert the user when the temperature drops below or rises above the set threshold. Other options that Temperature alarms are good for power failure, fires, high temperatures, and humidity. Heat Alarms are also available to monitor the heat in the house and turn on the air conditioner before the owner arrives at the home.

Personal Emergency Responce (PERs)
Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury in those people 65 and over – and seniors who fall are two to three times more likely to fall again. A panic pendant is a type of PER that is a small, portable, battery-operated device that ensures the user always has access to the help they need during an emergency situation, such as a break-in or debilitating fall. Available as part of a comprehensive home security system, the user simply pushes the button located on the pendant when they need help.
Flood Sensors

The key to preventing potentially devastating damage from water is knowing about leaks or flooding right away. That’s why a Water Flood sensor is a key part of a safe home. Help avoid costly repairs by installing a Water and Flood Sensor today.

Air Conditioning Alarm

Air conditioners are easy targets for the common thief. The copper and metal are being sold to scrap yards as easily as returning an empty aluminum can to your local grocery store. Protect your A/C Unit with an A/C Alarm

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