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Commercial Video Survelence

Straight from your Smartphone, tablet, or Computer!

Sharp Resolution

Keep an eye on your Business while you're away. You can keep an eye on your entire building with the click of a button.

Instant Updates

You never have to worry about constantly checking your system. With real-time updates, you will never be out of the know.

Peace of Mind

On Vacation? Someone trying to enter the building when they arent authorized to do so? No problem! With video surveillance, you are always in the know.

Proven Security

Cameras are an effective deterrent for criminal activity. With Video Verification, when your alarm goes off you will receive an alert and a live video of your system.

Commercial Services

Commercial Burglary System

Specifically designed to provide your business with the most effective break-in defense. We cater to each of our commercial accounts individual needs, designing systems based on the layout of your building, key entry, and exit points, and designated “hot spots” like safe locations, key equipment storage, and data rooms.

Commercial Fire System

We at Radiotech want to make sure your business is secure. Our trained installers will design, engineer and install a complete and comprehensive fire alarm system to meet your specifications as well as local jurisdictions fire code requirements as well as aiding you through the entire permit process.

Cellular Back Up

Cellular backup is very important and highly recommended by Radiotech security. Often burglars will attempt to cut phone lines as to disrupt the signal between your alarm system and the central station. With cellular back up your security system is given a second line of defense and can contact the central station even if phone lines are cut or damaged through inclimate weather. Flashing lights and sirens do much to protect your home, but having cellular backup ensures the central station will be notified.

2 Way Voice

Two-Way Voice service offers two-way audio communications via your commercial security monitoring system from anywhere in your business. When your alarm is activated, a central station operator can talk directly with you to get more information about what specific assistance you need and provide reassurance and information until the proper authorities arrive — even if you can’t reach the phone to call for help!

Video Verification

Video verification is the process of connecting a live steam of video to what caused an alarm to go off. The video goes directly to you and or your central station, in order to determine the level of immediate threat. Was it a burglar who broke through your window, or just your mischievous pet? With video verification, you no longer have to worry about a false alarm. You be the judge if the police need to be called. 

Biometric Verification System

Biometrics is the automated method of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. By allowing Biometric verification into your business you are implementing an extra form of security that is meant to keep your business safe. With fingerprint recognition as well as many other biometric verification systems we can make sure you keep unwanted visitors out.

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